Deliver exceptional educational programs.

The GoodWorks Group helps you create, facilitate, and evaluate educational programs. We work with you to gather the information needed and develop the resources required to offer exceptional programs that will transform your learners.


Our Services

Program Planning

From concept to curriculum, we can help you develop effective educational programs.

Grant Writing

If you need funding for your educational program, we can assist with your grant proposal.

Program Evaluation

We can help you explore the effectiveness of your educational program and equip you with the data you need to make your programs exceptional.

Our Commitments



Whether we collect and analyze data or draw upon the research of others, we rely on real-world experience to inform our decisions.



We focus on the needs of learners and draw upon adult learning theory when developing educational programs.


Crystal Clear

We work with you to clarify your educational objectives and relate them to the mission and vision of your organization.


helping you excel in your good works