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Clients tend to come to us with one of six program planning and evaluation needs. During our initial consultation, we discuss that need together and explore how GoodWorks might be able to help.

Learning Needs

What do your learners need to know? We can gather data from them to help you target their needs in your program.

Program & Curriculum Development

What activities will help your program participants learn? We can work with you to create a course, conference, or curriculum that will inspire active learning and real-world application.



How will you fund your program? We can help you write a grant proposal.


Development Process

How will you know if your program is effective? We can help you develop an evaluation process that will give you regular feedback on your educational program.

Data Collection &

Who will oversee your evaluation process? We can collect and analyze the data for you.


Report &

What should you do based on what you learn from your evaluation data? We can prepare a comprehensive report on the evaluation findings and make suggestions for both programmatic and organizational improvements.

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Use this list of program planning and evaluation needs as you consider how we might help you.