We help our clients deliver exceptional educational programs.

Exceptional educational programs change their participants. Learners walk away with new knowledge, skills, and attitudes that can transform the way they engage the world. 

Too often, educational programs fail to consider the needs of learners. They focus on content instead of understanding. They promote passive learning instead of active engagement. 

We believe the exceptional educational programs should be learner-centered. To that end, we draw upon adult learning theory and the latest research in the scholarship of teaching and learning to help our clients create, facilitate, and evaluate educational programs that will promote the transfer of knowledge, skills, and attitudes to participants' everyday contexts.


We focus on data-driven development.

We can collect and analyze qualitative and quantitative data as well as draw upon the latest research to help your organization be more effective in developing, facilitating, and evaluating educational programs.

Our Name

We partner with our clients to help them excel in their good works.

We were made to do good works. And we find fulfillment as we understand which good works we were made to do and how those good works can contribute to the common good.

And doing good works. It makes an impact, often promoting the common good and contributing to the flourishing of this world.


Meryl Herr, Ph.D. owns The GoodWorks Group and is the principal consultant. Meryl earned her M.Div. and Ph.D. (Educational Studies) at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and holds a B.S. from Vanderbilt University. She teaches at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and Cornerstone University and has been consulting for five years. She brings over a decade of curriculum development work and research experience to her consulting practice. She is trained in both qualitative and quantitative research, has completed a graduate certificate in Educational Research Methods through the University of Illinois at Chicago, and teaches three doctoral-level research methods classes.

As the need arises, Meryl contracts other qualified individuals who can share their expertise on a project. She also looks for opportunities to hire graduate students so that, through their work, they can apply their learning and receive further training.

Previous Clients

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Professional and Graduate Studies
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The Forum for Theological Exploration


"We contacted the GoodWorks Group for assistance with a substantial grant proposal for a leading national philanthropic organization. Her recommendations regarding distribution of labor allowed me to invest much-needed time into the conceptualization of a vision and ministry model and to lead a team responsible for developing the constituent pieces of a five-year grant.  Meanwhile, Dr. Herr worked independently, expertly, and seamlessly in doing superb primary research and conducting multiple rounds of surveys and interviews under strict protocols.  This led to my institution's confident submission of a bold proposal to the foundation.  We expect to continue this wonderful partnership in the future and commend Dr. Herr and The GoodWorks Group to anyone looking for leadership or assistance in high impact projects seeking to advance the common good in our world."

Freddy Cardoza, Ph.D.
Grace Theological Seminary


"Dr. Herr brought a critical balance of professionalism and compassion to her work for ATS. It was clear to participants that, even as a researcher, she cared about their work. We will definitely be contacting her for future projects."

Deborah H.C. Gin, Ph.D.
Director of Research
The Association of Theological Schools


"Meryl is a very competent and skilled evaluator and brings a fresh eye to assessing the impact of an organization or project."

Stephen Lewis
The Forum for Theological Exploration

"Dr. Herr has a mind for research and a heart for ministry. Her research for us included development and deployment of a quantitative survey and multiple qualitative interviews with research participants. From start to finish she knew exactly what needed to be done and executed at a high level. The outcome of the research informed our collaborative grant writing process and ensured we presented the best possible proposal to grant funders. We could not have been more impressed with Dr. Herr's competence, professionalism, and passion for her work."

Drew Flamm, Ph.D.
Vice President of Advancement and Marketing
Grace College and Seminary


"Dr. Herr has been a valuable contributor and driving force for creating and improving our theological training of students in this critical aspect of vocational stewardship."

Robert M. Wolniak
Associate Regional Director
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship USA

"The GoodWorks Group has been an incredibly valuable partner. From running focus groups to programming events to writing curriculum, Dr. Meryl Herr brings her best and her heart, with both professionalism and excellence as well as relational warmth and grace. She's a careful thinker willing to ask hard questions, and she also listens well and knows how to encourage others toward success. I wholeheartedly commend her work to others."

Darrell Yoder
Director of Talking Points
Grand Rapids Theological Seminary