Who We Are

Our Mission

We help you deliver exceptional educational programs.

Exceptional educational programs change their participants. Learners walk away with new knowledge, skills, and attitudes that can transform the way they engage the world.

Our “content is king” culture makes high-quality information easily accessible. But high-quality content may not contribute to in-depth learning.

We believe the exceptional educational programs should be learner-centered as opposed to content-centered. Learners should be active participants instead of passive recipients. To that end, we draw upon learning theory and the latest research in the scholarship of teaching and learning to help our clients create, facilitate, and evaluate educational programs that will help learners transfer the knowledge, skills, and attitudes they learn to to their everyday lives.

Our Focus

We focus on data-driven development.

We can collect and analyze both qualitative and quantitative data as well as draw upon the latest research to help your organization be more effective in creating, facilitating, and evaluating educational programs.

Our Name

We partner with you to help you excel in your good works.

We believe we all were made to do good works. And we find fulfillment as we understand which good works we were made to do and how those good works can contribute to the common good.

Also, doing good works. It makes an impact, often promoting the common good and contributing to the flourishing of this world.


Meet Our Leadership

Dr. Meryl Herr began consulting in 2014 when two friends recommended that she work with their organization on a curriculum development project. Since then, she has served a diverse group of clients who share a common goal: offering faith-based educational programs for adult learners.

Meryl is uniquely suited to serve her clients because of her training in theology, education, and research methods. She earned a B.S. in Mathematics and Spanish from Vanderbilt University, and an M.Div. and Ph.D. (Educational Studies) from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. After completing her doctorate, Meryl completed a graduate certificate in Educational Research Methods through the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Meryl brings over a decade of curriculum development work and research experience to her consulting practice. And she has taught courses in curriculum development and research methods at Cornerstone University and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.

Dr. Meryl Herr



From Our Great Clients


Our Clients

We have supported the good work of several amazing organizations.

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We need to know what knowledge, skills, and attitudes our participants should acquire as a result of our program.